Welcome to Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (KUUF) where people from all over the Kitsap Peninsula region have gathered since 1950 to share liberal religious values.  Services at 10:30 Sundays and Religious Education (Sunday School) during service in our childcare area. Our fellowship is located at 4418 Perry Avenue NE in Bremerton.   Check our Newcomer page for more information and join us for the next Newcomer Orientation. Use links above and at right for services and other information. 


04/02/2017: The Truth Quest Book Group

Sunday, 9:30am KUUF, Elmore Room 


03/26/2017: Jerry Large at KUUF


Sunday, 10:30a.m. KUUF - Sanctuary 


04/01/2017: Nonviolent Communication Training 

Saturday, 10:00a.m. KUUF - Sanctuary  
Communicating for Effectiveness, Clarity and Connection

Based on Dr. Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication
Sat., April 1st, 2017, 10-5, Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Whether its larger issues in our country or communication in our families and communities, we need communication skills to be able to reach each other when we have differences, that reach across the divide, and we need ways to stay connected and find solutions that work for all.  Not an easy task.  That's why we need to explore ways to speak and listen in ways that lead to more connection, understanding and effectiveness.  After all, what we say may change the world!
Dr. Marshall Rosenberg identified a specific approach to communicating — called Nonviolent Communication (NVC) — that leads us to give from the heart, connecting us in a way that allows our natural compassion to flourish without giving up the values that we cherish. He spent many years sharing this in some of the most war-torn areas of the world.
While studying the factors that affect our ability to communicate and stay compassionate, Marshall Rosenberg was struck by the crucial role that language can play. While we may not consider the way we talk to be “violent,” words often lead to hurt and pain toward ourselves or to others. That’s because so many of us have been trained to speak in terms of moralistic judgments, evaluations and labels that disconnect us from compassion.
At this one day training we will use various exercises to practice the fundamentals of Nonviolent Communication and apply the language and consciousness to understanding ourselves, listening, and speaking. 
You'll leave with:
- An understanding of what motivates your own and others behavior
- An increased awareness of what you want and how to move towards it
- A map to be able to increase your ability to empathize with others so you can listen to anyone and have greater understanding
- A way to speak your truth with love that will increase the likelihood of being heard and contributing to collaboration whether it's feedback, gratitude, or your honesty.
- A short form to express appreciation (not praise) that will be more likely to be taken in.
- a group of co-learners
- having had some fun!
Free to members (donations accepted). Up to $100 for nonmembers (public). Donate what you can available.

Questions contact Marcia Christen Marcia@compassionate-language.com
Thank you
warmly, Marcia



03/15/2017: KUUF Board of Trustees Agenda 

Wednesday, 6:30pm, KUUF - Admin Room

KUUF Board of Trustees agenda for the upcoming board meeting.


Preliminary/Draft Agenda for March 15, 2017

6:30 p.m.             Call to Order:  Ellen Newberg, President

                              Chalice Lighting


6:40 p.m.            Consent agenda

  • ·        Minutes of the February 15, 2017 Board meeting.
  • ·        Minutes of the March 1, 2017 Board meeting.
  • ·        Board Liaison & other reports, including Finance; Personnel; etc.

Treasurer’s Report:  Susan Welsh, Treasurer.

*****OLD BUSINESS *****

                              2017/2018 BUDGET PROPOSAL:  Susan Welsh, Treasurer.

The Finance Committee and Treasurer will present a final version of the 2017/2018 budget proposal to the Board for approval and recommendation to the congregation for its consideration at our Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, April 23.  Board members are encouraged to provide input now to ensure that our budget includes what is needed to fund a successful year to come.

(Action required:  Approval of a 2017/2018 budget proposal to present to our members for a vote on April 23).

                              2017/2018 Wages and Merit Pay:  Susan Welsh, Treasurer.

The Financial Review Team of Arlis Stewart and Dirk Van Zanten recommend that approval for wage increases and merit pay as included in the 2017/2018 budget be reflected in the Board minutes.

(Action required:  Approval of 2017/2018 wage increases and merit as included in the budget).

                              FUNDING FOR DECK AND RAMP REPLACEMENT: Ellen Newberg

Our colleague and Buildings and Grounds Chair Eric Harrold recommends that our main deck and our Administration Building ramp be repaired/replaced yet this fiscal year.  Eric requests authorization to proceed with these two projects, including identification of funding for materials.  Fiscal note:  Eric estimates that $5,000.00 is needed to replace the main deck, and that $2,000.00 is needed for the Administration Building ramp repairs/replacement.

(Action required:  Authorization for the Building and Grounds Committee to proceed with replacing the main deck and the Administration Building ramp, including identification of funding).

                              OPENING AND CLOSING ON SUNDAY MORNINGS:  Eric Harrold.

Jenell  DeMatteo, our Children’s Religious Education Associate, is willing to open up on Sunday mornings since she is already here around 9:30 a.m.  Brenda Johnson opens and closes the Matan Building. The remaining question is:  how shall we address closing/securing the Administration and Sanctuary buildings on Sunday mornings?

(Action required:  Agreement re responsibility and procedure for closing Administration and
Sanctuary Buildings on Sunday mornings).

*****NEW BUSINESS *****

                              KUUF BOARD MEMBER POSITION DESCRIPTION:  Ellen Newberg.

We have discussed the need for Board member orientation.  A basic position description is a good place to begin.

(Action required:  Adoption of the proposed Board of Trustees position description).

                              BOARD LIAISON POSITION DESCRIPTION:  Ellen Newberg.

Copies of a Board Liaison position description were distributed at our February meeting.  Please review it and come prepared to discuss.

(Action required:  Approval of a Board Liaison Position Description).

                              POLICY REGARDING DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR:  Paul Wilson.

Copies of the Tahoma UU Congregation Policy Regarding Disruptive Behavior were distributed at our February meeting.  Please review it and come prepared to discuss.

(Action required:  Decision re adapting the Tahoma Disruptive Behavior Policy for adoption at KUUF).

8:20 p.m.            Thank you card recipient nomination(s) for March 2017Jessica Demick

                              For the good of the order

Date of next Board meeting:  Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Date of 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting:  Sunday, April 23

April Agenda Items:

  • ·        Phil Davis has requested time to discuss the Social Justice Committee.

8:30 p.m.            Adjournment


04/09/2017: Adult RE: Like Leaves of Autumn 

Sunday, 12pm, KUUF - Admin Room 

An Adult RE Sponsored presentation you won't want to miss:  Like Leaves of Autumn from the Soju Projekt and Kumiko Lawrencem Unitarian Universalists from Bellevue.

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