Welcome to Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (KUUF) where people from all over the Kitsap Peninsula region have gathered since 1950 to share liberal religious values.  Services at 10:30 Sundays and Religious Education (Sunday School) at 9:45. Our fellowship is located at 4418 Perry Avenue NE in Bremerton.   Check our Newcomer page for more information and join us for the next Newcomer Orientation. Use links above and at right for services and other information. 


Sept. 25 Work Party

Childcare available for Work Party.

Donna Munro, our gardener extraordinaire, sent this information about the work party in two weeks:

For our Sept. 25th Sunday work party, there will be plenty to do in grounds work:  grass cutting, both with lawn mowers and using a weed eater on the grassy slopes, cutting blackberry stickers in 3 different areas, and weeding in several places.  We need a couple of people to cut the old, brown fern fronds in the Memorial Garden, etc. 

I encourage people to bring their favorite small garden hand tools, and pruners if they want to clip blackberry vines, etc.   I will have some knee pads and weed buckets available. Don't forget your gloves. 

KUUF has two walk-along lawn mowers and one gasoline- powered weed eater.  I suggest bringing ear protectors if you use these machines.  Of course, you are always welcome to bring your own lawn mower or weed-eater!

We had an amazing turn out in last work party and I applaud our many dedicated KUUF members. 


Auction 2016 - This Could Be the Start of Something Big!

DONATE ITEMS: go to this URL.

PARTY: Saturday, Nov. 5, 5-8 pm, KUUF


Child Dedication Ceremony on September 18

Photo by Paul Barfoot, Flickr UU StockKUUF Sept. 18, 2016

At KUUF we want to welcome the children, to celebrate the love within and surrounding them, and acknowledge our collective responsibility to nurture them in the ways of love and justice. It is a reverential celebration of the child's inherent worth and dignity and potential to blossom, and the profound interconnection among us as well as between us and all that is. On Sept. 18, Rev. Carol McKinley will be at KUUF to do a Dedication Ceremony followed by cake and a dance party!

How do we dedicate our children?

In our tradition, we do not usually baptize infants, both because we do not believe in original sin (believing rather in the original blessing of each life) and because a baby is not yet old enough to choose their spiritual path. Instead we offer a naming and dedication ceremony which celebrates each child in their uniqueness and asks for the commitment of the parents and congregation to the child's well-being and development through the years. In the Dedication Ceremony, which is held during a Sunday morning service, each child is blessed with a rose, symbolizing both their loveliness and the unfolding possibility of their life, and with water, symbolizing their innocence and the source of life in which they came into this world.

Each family is presented with a Certificate of Dedication.

It is a joyful rite of passage both for the family and the congregation as a whole. Child Dedication Ceremonies at KUUF provide opportunities for parents to express their devotion to their children in the presence of family, friends, and our entire congregation. 

If you and your family would like to participate in the Dedication Ceremony for your children, of any age, please contact Jenell, RE Associate, at Jenell.dematteo@kuuf.org by Sept. 1, 2016.


Amber Hunter Memorial Service July 30

Join us for a memorial service to remember and honor Amber Hunter who died June 9.

It's at Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Perry Avenue in Bremerton. 4 PM Saturday, June 30


Farmer's Market begins May 1

Farmer's Market begins the first Sunday in May, after the Sunday Service, out on the breezeway and continues through the harvest seasons.

Gardeners please bring produce if you have any and plants to share. Buyers, be prepared to make a donation to take home the item(s) of your choice.  The more we bring and buy, the more proceeds go into the budget coffers.  (I hear that the asparagus has begun to pop up.)
All donations happily accepted.  Come one, come all!