Welcome to Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (KUUF) where people from all over the Kitsap Peninsula region have gathered since 1950 to share liberal religious values.  Services are at 10:30 on Sundays.

Our fellowship is located at 4418 Perry Avenue NE in Bremerton.  The Sanctuary is in the lower building.  Check our Newcomer page for more information and join us for a Newcomer Orientation on August 30 right after the Sunday Service. Scroll down for upcoming services and other information. 


Upcoming Worship Services

September 6 - Prophets: The Calling Out of Injustice

Margo Rinehart will be leading you on a micro-second tour through the history of 8th century BCE prophets and then up to our current UU demand for speaking out about injustice.   While prophets did give oracles about the future, their primary job was to protect the rights of the poor and oppressed.  Are you a modern day prophet? Come and find out.  Special music by Ben Rinehart singing a South American mining protest song.

September 13 - Ingathering: The Communion of Water

After our summer adventures of travel and hosting family, we return to Sunday worship and back to school! Ingathering is a time of ministering to one another by showing our joy in returning together. Please bring a few ounces of water that symbolizes what water has meant to you this summer. It can be from a special creek, a swimming pool, your garden hose, or even KUUF. We will then hold a special ritual for the collective worth of our water of the many sources. This service is especially appropriate and participatory for children. Led by Margo Rinehart and Heather Southard.

September 20 - Fishing With John

Taking risks is always...well, risky.  But as Rabindranath Tagoree wrote, "You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water."  Claire Favro, with assistance from Hank Payne, recounts her own journey into crisis, community, and the healing power of music which led her to Hank and the new life they are creating together.  Hank and Claire come to us from Poulsbo, where they live with two cats, guitars, dulcimers, bowed psaltery, and a great deal of music-making, some of which they will share with us during the service.  Through words and songs, they invite us to reflect upon the risks we have taken that opened possibilities, and the risks and possibilities that are still to come. http://hanknclaire.com/  http://hanknclaire.com/ 

September 27 - Living in a Living World (or,The Old, Great Spirit) 

Rev. Donald Vaughn-Foerster will examine where we came from and where, really, are we going. Rev. Don (as we called him) was our minister for two years in the interim between Rev. Elizabeth Stevens and Rev. Michael Walker.


9:15 am New Classes for Children and Adults starting Sept 13

A new class for children and adults will start Sept. 13 outside under the trees while the weather cooperates. The curriculum is called "The Circle of Trees".

An adult class starting Sept. 13 is called "Practicing Mindfulness". A waiting list is available as the registration is full.

A one-time 9:15 class is called "Keeping Values Alive Across Generations: Leaving a Spiritual Legacy". It's for adults and registration is required. Link goes to top of Adult Classes page.

A new chalice circle group is forming at 9:15 and is aimed at people who need childcare during the group and also others who prefer a Sunday rather than weekday group. To register use our "Contact Chalice Circles page or email to chalicecircles@kuuf.org .


Farmers Market 2015

Every Sunday after church the KUUF Farmers Market is open on the Breezeway between the Sanctuary and the Administrative Building. Vegetables, fruit, plants and baked goods are available for a donation.

Photos by Helen Schwartz

Jill Clarridge takes home a begonia (above) 

 Marilyn helps Jill and Susan find plants (above right).



Maypole Event

 Children's RE celebrated spring with a Maypole dance

Jessica Jones Photography


KUUF Spring Cleaning Work Party

KUUF's Annual work party to clean up the fellowship grounds. Organized in 2015 by Ginger Younie.

Jessica Jones Photography

Eric Harrold, KUUF Board Member on work day


 Alan Searle cooks for the hungry workers  Bonner Sams, KUUF board member, contemplates after mowing lawns  Alan replaces rotten decking Bobbi clips weeds around the rhododendrons

Teri weeds around the saplings

Austin and Ben from the Youth Group demolish the old compost box.

Carl, Jill and Lena get the weeds out

John gets some energy for more yard work