Welcome to Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (KUUF) where people from all over the Kitsap Peninsula region have gathered since 1950 to share liberal religious values.  Services are at 10:30 on Sundays. Our fellowship is located at 4418 Perry Avenue NE in Bremerton.  The Sanctuary is in the lower building.  Check our Newcomer page for more information.




Upcoming Worship Services

July 19 - Pride; It Started with a Riot

The history of LGBTQ+ Pride and how UUs made significant contributions. KUUF member Marcie Mathis will be our speaker.

July 26 - Insights that Make a Difference

As Pope Francis has tried to give voice to the unheard and unjustly treated, so too, do members of our congregation.   Jessica Demick  will talk about "The Importance of Caregiving, Infant Mental Health and the Developing Brain."   Marcia Christen's  topic will be "Helping Prisoners become Peacemakers." And Jerry Butler will explore "Justice for Victims of Military Sexual Assault." Coordinated by Jill Clarridge.

August 2 - An Incredibly Brief History of Our Universe

Astrophysicist Bob Abel will take you on a tour through time as he describes the evolution of the Universe, atoms, life and intelligence, and the likelihood of each. Bob Abel is a Professor of Applied Physics at Olympic College. He has studied the magnetic fields of stars and planets and the satellites of giant planets and brown dwarfs. For the past six years he has been a Collaborator with astronomers at the University of Washington on the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, a next generation telescope that, beginning in 2020, will provide, by far, the most comprehensive survey of the Universe ever.

August 9 - What the Hell?

From the cover of Time magazine to the best-sellers list, a place called “Hell” is consistently in the public eye. What is hell, who’s there, and why? Joseph Bednarik will explore with us this most fascinating of theological places, while keeping the second U of Unitarian-Universalism pressed close to our hearts. Bednarik serves as the "Assistant to the Minister in the Pulpit" at Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Port Townsend, Washington. His day-job is at Copper Canyon Press, a nonprofit literary publisher dedicated to poetry.

August 16 - Do You Want to Save a Life?

The current state of maternal and child health is presented by Marty Bishop and Jeri Carey as they direct your attention to the dramatic needs of women's and children's health in our country and the world. They also address ways you can advocate and assist through area organizations. 

KUUF Stands With Emmanuel AME

In grief, love and solidarity, Kitsap Unitarian Unviversalist Church stands with Emmanuel AME of Charleston, South Carolina. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. emanuelamechurch.org

On a national front, the Rev. Peter Morales, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association, issued this statement:

News of last night’s shootings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Charleston, SC, fills me with a profound sadness. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims and to the entire Emanuel Church community. Unitarian Universalists are sadly familiar with the tragedy of church shootings. When two congregants were killed and six wounded at our Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in 2008, the entire community reached out and embraced our congregation with love and support. We will pass that love along to the Emanuel Church community in any way we can. Emanuel AME Church has faced many hardships over the years, but the church has persevered and thrived. May Emanuel’s faithful find the strength to make their way through the tragedy that has taken the lives of nine of their members, including their pastor. We share their grief, and we stand with them in love and solidarity."


Farmers Market 2015

Every Sunday after church the KUUF Farmers Market is open on the Breezeway between the Sanctuary and the Administrative Building. Vegetables, fruit, plants and baked goods are available for a donation.

Photos by Helen Schwartz

Jill Clarridge takes home a begonia (above) 

 Marilyn helps Jill and Susan find plants.



Maypole Event

 Children's RE celebrated spring with a Maypole dance

Jessica Jones Photography


KUUF Spring Cleaning Work Party

KUUF's Annual work party to clean up the fellowship grounds. Organized in 2015 by Ginger Younie.

Jessica Jones Photography

Eric Harrold, KUUF Board Member on work day


 Alan Searle cooks for the hungry workers  Bonner Sams, KUUF board member, contemplates after mowing lawns  Alan replaces rotten decking Bobbi clips weeds around the rhododendrons

Teri weeds around the saplings

Austin and Ben from the Youth Group demolish the old compost box.

Carl, Jill and Lena get the weeds out

John gets some energy for more yard work