The Sunday Services

Unless noted, we have one Sunday worship service at 10:30 a.m.
Childcare is available.

Month of Sundays 

A Sense of Connection to Something Greater

Services begin at 10:30 a.m.


April 5:  Arisen Again:  Finding Modern Meanings in Resurrection Myths, Rev. Michael Walker


On this Easter Sunday, Rev. Mike explores the meaning of various myths about resurrection and why they have been important to us throughout history.  Chrisitanity has one story to tell, the Pagans another, as do others.  We look at mythology through the cricitcal lens of modernity.


April 12:  Where Do We Go From Here?, Janine Larsen, UUA Congregational Life Staff


Janine Larsen will speak with the congregation about how to move forward and live up to your own dreams and potential.  More details will be forthcoming in The Candle Lite.  

Our Annual Congregational Meeting will follow the service.  All members are encouraged to attend and others are also welcome. 

April 19:   A Child's Life:  The Work of Alice Miller, Rev. Michael Walker


At the last KUUF Auction, long-time member Robin Clark was the successful bidder for a sermon.  She asks that Rev. Mike lift up the work of Dr. Alice Miller, about childrearing and how traditional methods have morphed into child abuse, and what we can do about it.


April 26:  A Parson's Farewell, Rev. Michael Walker


On Rev. Mike's final Sunday in the pulpit, he reflects on our shared ministry over the last three years and bids the congregation farewell, in words and music.  

Special music and our monthly potluck follow the service.  Including a farewell to Michael and Glenn. 




Our ChaliceWe meet for worship each Sunday at 10:30 a.m.  Our children's religious education classes meet during the morning service.

The Fellowship Hour follows worship services, with coffee and tea served, and supervision is provided for children on our playground. Our Sunday services draw from Jewish, Christian and earth-centered religious traditions, as well as from the wisdom of Eastern religious thought. We also seek meaning in personal experience and witness, social issues, literature and the sciences.

Our services begin with a warm welcome and the lighting of our Unitarian Universalist symbol, the flaming chalice. Our minister leads services about 3 times per month with the support of lay leaders and our Worship Committee. We also have guest speakers and fully lay-led services throughout the year.

A rich tapestry of music is interwoven with each service, with exuberant congregational hymns, a wonderful choir, and beautiful piano solos. We are a singing congregation, enjoying the spiritual connection music brings us each week.

During the months from mid-September to mid-June, the children begin the morning in the sanctuary with their parents, proceeding to their classes after a time of "sharing for all ages." Our sanctuary has wide windows which look out over a majestic forest, encouraging us to honor the spiritual in the natural world, and to "walk softly on the earth." You'll find great diversity in how our members dress on Sunday mornings - but "Northwest casual" (yes, even jeans) is the norm for many of us.