Searching for True North

Every month, this column will seek out a direction that we can each follow, to find our "true north." Part of a spiritual person's quest is to find the way to their own understanding of life. In a tradition that values a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, the way to "true north" may be different for each of us.

In my monthly column, I will highlight ways to find a spiritual "true north" that seem meaningful to me. As I get know you all, my sharing will be greatly based on the things I see and hear in the fellowship.



An Interdependent Web of UUs

Last week, ten members of KUUF found themselves in Spokane at the UU DistrictvAssembly for the Pacific Northwest. Joining with around 300 UUs from throughout our region, we shared inspiring worship and great music, delved   into the theological work of the Rev. Dr. Thandeka (see article on page 9), and made connections with new and old friends. The ministers and DREs arrived a day early, and so got to spend additional time networking with colleagues and studying how the work of Thandeka can help us to make worship services more exciting and meaningful.

As our worship theme this month is Sustainability, I think that our touchstone for the month would naturally be our Seventh UU Principle, regarding the interdependent web of which we are a part. What we experienced at the District Assembly was an interdependent web of UUs!

Assemblies provide us with connections to UUs from all over, in which to share ideas and ask questions, to sing together, to be reminded that we are part of a  larger movement than just our own congregations.  We realize that there are many more people out there who share our values of social justice and equity for all people, than we might imagine if we stay in the ‘bubbles’ of our own hometowns.

Those who attended the Assembly included KUUF Board members, Karen Leader-Scott, Sue Matan, Ellen Newberg and myself; as well as several other members from our community, including Shari Burns, Glenn Morrison, Susan Scott, Brian Watson (as a vendor of his beautiful chalices), Susan Welsh, and Beth Wilson (representing RESULTS).

After lying forgotten in a garage, our KUUF banner recently was found and it travelled to Spokane with us.  As a result, several of our members were able to join the Banner Parade, which is a very visual and moving event highlighting that we are a many-splendored movement with people who live all over the northwest, coming together in common cause on this day.

This summer, the UUA General Assembly (GA) will take place in Providence, Rhode Island. That may be     financially infeasible for some, but I encourage all who are able, to attend.  It is something special to  experience UUism at that level.

The following summer, GA will be in Portland, Oregon, and I hope that KUUF will have a huge delegation at that one!

May it ever be so and blessed be you all!

Rev. Mike