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Why Chalice Circles?

People come to KUUF for a wide variety of reasons, among them, to be in community with others and to make new friends. KUUF is growing and we want to continue to be a fellowship where we know, care for and support one another.

Chalice Circles

Are a way to keep connected within the fellowship;

Offer a spiritual setting for personal growth;

Allow group members to interact on a meaningful level;

Allow for flexible, open communities of varying size and composition.

You should join a Chalice Circle if...

You are a man...  

You are a woman...

You talk too much...  

You don't talk enough ...

You have lots of friends... 

You want new friends...

You like to find common ground with people like you... 

You look around on Sundays and all the new faces make you uncomfortable...

You want a format to meet some of these new faces...

Chalice Circles are for YOU!


How are Chalice Circles organized?


The first covenant is that circle members come together with the promise to honor and respect one another by listening, sharing and showing up. A second covenant is the commitment to generate new circles by growing and dividing when the appropriate time arrives. A third covenant is the agreement to engage in a service to the congregation or the larger world.


Chalice Circles generally consist of 6-10 members. When a circle reaches 12, it splits in half. In this way, circles are constantly forming and evolving and no circle becomes a closed group.


Chalice Circles meet once or twice a month. Most meet in members homes for 90 minutes.


Each Chalice Circle has a contact person and a group facilitator.


Chalice Circles begin by lighting a candle and a reading is shared. Members will then have a chance to check-in and speak briefly about his or her day, week, or situation in life at the moment. Following check-in, the chosen topic is introduced and members share relating to that topic. Circles will end with a check-out and a closing reading.

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Get Involved at KUUF

As often happens, we start to feel at home at the Fellowship after a few weeks or months, and want to become more a part of the life of the congregation.

The best way to do this is to join a group or committee, or participate in a retreat, Adult Religious Education course, or other event. KUUF's many activities are open to your participation, and are listed below. In most cases, you do not have to be a member to enjoy these activities -- all are welcome. We also have a policy of providing child care for all Fellowship activities - usually on a reservation basis.

Our committees are the heart and soul of our congregation! Committees organize activities, oversee important congregational processes, and provide important leadership and energy for everything we do. Members and friends of KUUF are welcome to work on committees. To serve as a chairperson you must be a member of the Fellowship. Certain committees are formed by appointment or election only.

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